Grand Rapids Griffins Up The Ante With Signal 360 Beacon Integration

Today, we’re going to talk about beacons and how you can engage users via your mobile app. You may have already read the Detroit Sports Nation article published earlier this year where we talked about how the Grand Rapids Griffins of the American Hockey League built an awesome mobile app for fans. But when the season kicked off for the Griffins in early October, they debuted a brand new feature: industry-leading beacon technology courtesy of Mobile Roadie and Signal 360.

Beacons 101

What are beacons, you might ask? A beacon is a small wireless device that transmits a radio signal for smartphones to detect when they are nearby. The radio signal can then prompt smartphones to then take a specific action. For example, if a customer in a retail store passes a beacon in the home decor section, the app on their smartphone can receive an alert that all bath linens are on sale for 25% off the full price.

The beauty of beacons is that you can target users with timely, relevant, personalized marketing at the exact moment an app user is nearby or thinking about your product or services.

Beacons on Gameday

The Griffins understood how beacon technology could enhance the gameday experience for fans and this was the next step for boosting fan engagement with the app. Signal 360 was the perfect partner to work with on this integration, as they’ve helped teams like the Golden State Warriors and the University of Michigan use beacons on gameday.

With this new feature, the Griffins can make the gameday experience even more memorable for fans by pushing limited-time specials and discounts on food, beverages, and merchandise. They can offer lucky fans a seat upgrade, free Zamboni rides, and alert them where to go for the high-five tunnel rallies with players before the game.


In addition, the Griffins can open this technology up to their sponsors and offer a creative way for them to offer coupons and products during the game.

Fans can access the deals by “opting in” to alerts, emails, and updates on their app. They can choose to view beacon-driven specials through their app inbox when they walk into the stadium, which allows them to view all deals at once. Alternately, they can choose to receive splash notifications that pop up when they pass a beacon.


How can you integrate beacons into your app? The possibilities are endless. Let’s brainstorm together about how you can engage your users and drive revenue without ever posting a banner ad! Click here or give us a call.

Good luck to the Griffins this season. We’re thrilled to have the AHL mobile technology leader on board!


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