Empowering Women with Mobile: Bosspreneur Gets an Essential App

A new app created with the Mobile Roadie platforms see the light of digital day.

Starting a new business season properly can make a difference, and Bossprenuer knows this. The training community for women entrepreneurs created a unique branded app with the help of Mobile Roadie to bolster up their online presence and let the existing and future participants access everything Bosspreneur related on their mobile devices from anywhere. The app was released to the App Store and Google Play at the end of August. 

The community and its Bosspreneur Business Circle (BBC) membership offers in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of planning, building, and managing a successful small business, with the aim to help women improve business results and increase revenue and resources, providing community support along the way. 

Bosspreneur is led by Becky A. Davis, who has over 20 years of expertise in training and coaching teams and individuals and has been a driving force behind six and seven figure businesses from across industries. The community is primarily based in the U.S., but anyone with the fitting experience and track record can become a Chapter Director anywhere in the world.       

The app’s feature include:

  • News
  • Event calendar
  • Media
  • Community list
  • Books
  • Store
  • Locations

The Bosspreneur app is set to extend its community’s reach further and ensure more women can successfully start, manage, and grow their businesses by tapping into the rich expertise of Bosspreneur’s many speakers, authors, coaches, and community members.

The Mobile Roadie platform has been providing a solid foundation for mobile efforts of businesses across industries for more than a decade. Discover how your business can benefit from our intuitive app builder at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring a custom developer. 

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