Make a Music App Your Fans Will Love

Build the perfect app for your fans and your sound. Share music and tour dates. Sell tickets and merch. Start conversations and communities.

Create a Strong Connection
With Your Fans

Our music app maker gives you all the tools to keep your audience excited and informed at all times.

Understand Fans
See what your audience is most excited about by analyzing how they interact with your app.
Create Connections
Share exclusive content like song premieres, backstage photos, and invitations to secret shows.
Build Community
Create a common space for your fans to meet each other using in-app message boards.
Reward Loyalty
Give your app’s most active users the gift of private messages or tickets to your shows!

Grow Your Fan Base

Streaming Integration

Host your albums and playlists in-app via Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, or SoundCloud.

Social Sharing

Encourage your fans to share news, images, and songs directly from your app.

Plan Your Tour

Map out the biggest hotspots for your fanbase using geolocation filters in your app’s analytics.

Sell Your Merch

Sell albums, T-shirts, bags, buttons, or posters with ease by integrating your e-commerce site.

Get Inspired

World’s most popular artists have built an app with Mobile Roadie

Katy Perry
N Gallagher
Bon Jovi
Maitre Gims
Trey Songz
Taylor Swift
Jason Aldean
Twilight In Forks
The Rolling Stones
Take That
Demi Lovato
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Start Today!

Mobile Roadie gives you everything you need to build an app and build an audience.

DIY or Expert Consultation

Anyone can build an iOS or Android app on our platform, but we’re happy to do it for you.

Always Fresh

Add dates, songs, pictures or videos anytime you want.

Never Frustrating

We’ll ensure your app gets built, approved, and published without any headaches or surprises.

Create a Music App
Your Fans Will Love

Mobile Roadie keeps the process of building and launching mobile apps as simple as possible, allowing you to focus on your music and the fans who love it.

Make a Music App
With All The Right Features

  • Social Network Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Premium Badges
  • Live­-Streams and In­-App Video
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Track User Engagement Time
  • iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud Integration
  • YouTube, Vimeo, uStream, LiveStream Integration
  • RSS Sync

Start Now!

Begin building the perfect mobile application for your fans with Mobile Roadie.


Do you also have these queries?

How to make your own music app with Mobile Roadie? Is it that easy?

Yes. At the core of our music app maker is an intuitive drag-and-drop editor you can use to add functionality, choose a design, pick different visuals, and more. Our app builder does not require any coding skills, and you don’t have to watch long tutorials. You can create a music app yourself, and it is almost as easy as making basic edits in an image editor. Then, we will publish the app for you to the App Store or/and Google Play. Plus, not only you can make your music app yourself, you can update it with new features anytime you want. As for the maintenance, our team takes care of that.

Why Mobile Roadie is better than any conference and event app builder?

The Mobile Roadie app builder exists for over a decade. Our team simplified the app making process as much as possible over the years, giving our clients the possibility to build a good app themselves easily and quickly, without hiring a developer or an entire mobile app development team. This makes Mobile Roadie a top DIY event and conference app builder.

How much do I save with Mobile Roadie music app maker?

You save the most with our basic, Core, option. The other licenses are also significantly lower than gathering, hiring, and maintaining a software development team of any size. Even if you don’t have the time to create music app yourself, you can choose an option with which our team builds it for you. Please get in touch with us to get up-to-date information on thw licence prices.

I want to make my own music app, but go beyond the basic functionality. What can I expect from Mobile Roadie in this case?

You can add a multitude of custom features with our Pro license, like polling, locking content, and other. With our Custom license, our experts will go beyond the basics in terms of the look and feel of your app, that is, elevate the UI and UX of your app beyond what is possible with the two other packages. Nevertheless, you can create music app with unique design with all of them.

Can you make your own music video app with Mobile Roadie?

Yes. The Video section is one of Mobile Roadie’s core features, and you only need to order our Basic license to access it. Plus, you will create your app really quickly and get additional features that might be of use in the future. For example, you would need to make your own music app out of the video app, and the basic functionality will already be available for you. You would simply add it in the drag-and-drop editor, and that’s it.

Before you start to create your own music app with a paid license, is there a way to test our music app maker?

Sure, you can request a demo here — Demo. After, you can make music app yourself with our Basic license. You can access more features with Pro license; with this option you still create your own music app yourself, in the drag-and-drop editor.